Your Writer

While you could do it yourself, there are many good reasons to hire a professional writer and book publisher to put together your biography, and in this case that professional is Kenneth James Kerr.

Kenneth is well aware of the fact that time stands still for nobody, and he will work with you in an expeditious manner to capture your memories. Kenneth also knows how it feels when no further questions can be asked of the previous generation, so he’ll do everything he can to get the full story, asking lots of questions about events, people, and your feelings or perceptions at those times.

As a third party, Kenneth will often ask you things that you’d forget to ask yourself. You take individual memories for granted because they’re in the context of everything else you remember. Kenneth will see things from the outside, asking for clarification and context that you’d probably leave out if you were writing your story for yourself. This approach makes for a more cohesive and fuller narrative.

Our other team members will also do additional research about the town you were raised in, or concerning events that were happening at the same time as key events in your own life. Once again, this makes the story more interesting, allowing it to flow in light of the world you were living in at those times.

In addition to biographies, Kenneth’s writing experience includes almost six years as a news reporter on the Canadian prairies, and also the writing and publishing of four paperback books in the personal development genre. He will do your story proud, producing a book that you will be delighted to make available to your family and friends.