The Process

geoThe process varies slightly from client to client, but here is a general flow of how your biography is created.

1. Tell us you are interested – Use the form HERE to send an email to Kenneth. Include your contact information, and answer a couple of questions about yourself in the form itself. Kenneth will get back to you to arrange an informal chat.

2. Informal chat – This is free and without further obligation. It’s best to be held in person, although it can also be done on the phone. The idea is to just get a broad overview of your life story, and for you to ask any questions about the service itself. If you feel more comfortable, you can have a friend or relative with you, and we can meet in a coffee shop if you prefer. You will not be pressured to order the service at this time. We want to SERVE you, not SELL to you!

3. Decision – A few days after the informal chat, Kenneth will contact you again to ask if you want to move ahead and get your biography done. If you say yes, a simple agreement for the service will be sent to you. You fill it in, send it back, pay a deposit, and we’ll arrange for the interview process to begin at a time that works for you.

4. Interviews – The interview process is where you and Kenneth discuss your life story in detail. Once again, you can have a relative or friend present at these meetings. Typically it takes between 10 and 20 interview sessions to really get a handle on the details. We’ll work within your own schedule and timing, but the goal will be to complete these interviews as quickly as possible.

5. The writing process – Writing the book begins even before all the interviews are complete. As various stages of your life are discussed, we will write those chapters and ask you to review them. This will allow for corrections or additions to be made long before creating the manuscript for the printer.

6. Photographic selection – The interview process will also include reviewing and selecting pictures you’d like to include in the book. You can have up to 60 pictures within the book itself, and these will be reproduced in black and white. All original pictures will be returned to you after scanning.

7. Compilation into the book – This is a very involved process and includes any final research for the book, the completion of the text, and the typesetting of text and photographs in a format that is used by the printer. Once this is done, a single proof copy will be produced and given to you for final review. After you have signed off on this copy, the proof copy will be returned to us, and we will order books for you.

8. Ten copies of final book – You will be provided with ten free copies of the paperback book as part of the service. These are yours to give away to family as you wish.

9. Online ordering for more books – Depending on the size of your family, ten copies might not go very far. Therefore, you will be provided with a website address where friends and family can order copies of the book right from the printer. This way your book will be available to your extended family for years to come.