Your Investment

mumIf you’ve seen the value in creating this very unique legacy for you and your family, you probably have one question burning in your mind. How much?

Our professional writing rate is $50 per hour, and typically it takes between 120 and 150 hours to complete a professional biography. However, we cap the costs at the equivalent of 100 hours, meaning your investment is $5,000 plus GST. (Canadian Dollars of course!)

Covered in this amount is:-

  • The entire one-on-one interview process
  • Researching and writing the text for the book
  • Providing you with draft chapters for review and revision
  • Reviewing and selecting photographs with you
  • Compiling the final text and photos into a formatted manuscript for the printer
  • Designing the cover
  • Finalizing the digital files for the printer
  • Uploading the files to the printer
  • Production and delivery of a proof copy
  • Final minor revisions (if required) and creation/uploading of final version
  • Ordering and delivery of ten copies of the completed book.
  • Creating a website for future orders of additional copies by family members

In addition to the above rate, we also charge verifiable travel expenses to you. If we drive to conduct interviews with you, we will charge only for gasoline, not meals or time spent driving. If we have to stay overnight in a hotel, we’ll charge the hotel room expenses. If you are located too far for us to drive, then we will make a special arrangement to fly and stay for a couple of weeks in a hotel near you.

The $5000 (plus GST), is pre-paid in increments of $1000 (plus GST). The first $1000 (plus GST) is paid at the time of signing an agreement to undertake the service, and this covers the first 20 hours of work time. When this block is worked off, you will pre-pay another block of $1000 (plus GST) to cover the next 20 hours. This process will continue until the entire amount is paid. Please note that pre-paid blocks are non-refundable. Expenses will be billed separately.

While the service is not cheap, it is affordable, and some clients might wish to share the cost between themselves and their immediate family, after all, you are creating a legacy that will last for generation after generation.