For You

doris-1The first big reason to have your biography written is… to do it for YOU.

As you look back on your life, you probably have a lot of great memories and experiences that you treasure. Think about your parents, your childhood, even the town you grew up in. These are recollections that go back many decades already, and life will never be like that again.

What can you remember about your schooldays? Who were your best friends back then? What games did you play? What was it like to be a student in those days?

What was your first job? Why did you get into that line of work? What was your boss like? What exactly were your responsibilities? Were you good at your work? Did you like it or hate it?

How did you meet your spouse? Do you have any funny stories from your courtship? Where did you go on dates? How did you or they propose? Where were you married? Where did you honeymoon? What memories do you have of the kids as they were growing up?

These are the moments which make up our everyday lives, and right now they might be crystal clear to you. But who will remember these events when memory fails, or after you are gone?

Now is the time to draw together numerous threads of your life story into one treasured body of information. Do not minimize the importance of doing this just for yourself. If your life means something to you, then it is worth commemorating and celebrating in this way.