For Your Family

richard2-2The second big reason to have your biography written is… to do it for YOUR FAMILY.

Have you ever found yourself thinking about something your parents told you decades ago, something important, only to discover that you have unanswered questions and missing details about it?

We’ve all had this experience. Sometimes we’re lucky to still have our parents with us, and we’re able to ask them for more information. But, inevitably, the time comes when nobody is left from that generation, and there’s no further opportunity to ask our questions. Then comes the sadness, and the regret that we left things unsaid back in the day.

Is this what you want for your family? Do you want them to only have half-remembered stories and unanswered questions? If not, you can do something about it now. You can take the time and make the investment to create a permanent record of the important events in your life, a unique and personal legacy for your children, grandchildren and generations after that.

Don’t let your story pass unrecorded into the mists of time. Create a legacy while you still can, something that tells people who you are, what you did with your life, and what you stood for. Do it for your family!